Affirmative: Drone Use in the Media

Brian Krzanich, the CEO of Intel once said, “We have visions of going from 100 to 1,000, over time.” His reasoning for saying this was to convince people that drones could entertain onlookers at sports events while also providing advertisement in popular areas. While this may be an effective business plan, there are some precautionary guidelines that need to be put in place to protect the privacy of Americans. Yes, drones may provide entertainment and advertisement opportunities, but at what cost?AMZNDRNES

The Federal Aviation Administration have said that they have six regulations for drone use; operators, flight, property, device’s, behavior, and consent. The FAA has also announced that anybody using a drone within three miles of a major sports stadium could face jail time or a hefty fine. This is an example of a regulation that deals with property. In other words, drone use in the media could potentially conflict with the FAA’s views on privacy on private properties. Another issue with drones in the media is the audio and video recording capabilities of drones. These capabilities have the ability to record people’s actions and conversations without gaining consent from them first. The behavior of drone use in the media should also be regulated due to the fact that celebrities could lose their right to privacy.

aerial view

For example, if a high profile celebrity has a tall perimeter fence surrounding their property to separate themselves from the public, a member of the paparazzi could easily fly a drone over their property to obtain images and/or audio recordings of the celebrity. The reason why legal drone use in the media is impractical is because there is no systematic process to get consent or provide notice to people that may get filmed or recorded by drones.

After all of our research, we can conclude that the main reason behind why drone use should not be used in the media is simply because it is an easy way to invade the privacy of others; whether it is the privacy of a high profile celebrity or that of an average Joe who simply does not wish to be filmed and/or recorded. Privacy
Even though drone use opens up opportunities for the media to grow, the FAA needs to implement a systematic process or a strict set of rules that drone users must abide by in order to use their drones in the media.


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