Our Final Thoughts

Drones are amazing pieces of technology that are capable of so much. They give people the ability to see places and things without actually having to be there. They are certainly revolutionary, but can be very dangerous if placed in the wrong hands. Drone use for media purposes, recreational purposes, and even business use can possafety_largee serious security and privacy threats. Not only that, they can cause physical harm to people or things if operated by an inexperienced individual. Drone use in the military, however, are plenty useful for, both, defensive and offensive purposes. Our military is able to use drones to protect themselves from enemies and have been used to take down many members from different terrorist organizations. We don’t believe that drones are bad, but we believe that they should only be used in the hands of the professionals AKA our military. They should not be allowed to be purchased by members of the media, average Joe’s like you and I, or businesses that want to cut out human labor for convenience.

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Military Will Soon Purchase Civilian Drones

The rapid flood drones into the consumer market has created a lot of competition, leading to the emergence of some very powerful, fast, and unique drones.

As technology companies fight to emerge as leaders in this industry, U.S. military leaders can’t help but gain interest.. The Military May Soon Buy The Same Drones You DoGettyImages-520635093-1

Drones Defeating Terrorism!

The United States Military has been using drones to attack terrorists since the Obama administration. Obama came out and even tried to explain to the people what there used for and how they operate. Just to give some assurance to the people that think Drones are unjust to use. 487934.jpegIn fact I found this article, “10 Reasons the U.S should stop using drones in warfare.”

Why would the United States do that anyway? It gives us an advantage against any country that threatens us. It also forces humans to stay back and push an Unmanned aircraft into enemy territory to get surveillance or whatever. In the article one of the reasons mentions that these drone attack do not have a set target. That is FALSE. Senior officials of the Obama administration announced that these drone strikes are, Precise, Effective, and Closely Supervised. Yes there are some attacks that kill innocent lives, but people need to stop living behind the curtains because war brings innocent people to die unfortunately. Another successful drone attack that precisely killed 3 Al Qaeda leaders, which actually struck their moving vehicle. You can read more at “Most successful drone strike ever”. Now if drones didn’t have set targets how did this attack happen so precise? My guess is that it was locked on to the target so the chance of a miss is near impossible. Further research confirms that U.S. drones have killed an estimated 3,300 Al Qaeda, Taliban, and other Jihadist operatives during the Obama Administration. Don’t you think if we have the technology to fly unmanned aircrafts that we will be able to set a target for a missile? You’re absolutely right. PRESIDENT-1.jpgThe U.S. already has plenty of these types of weapons that can either lock onto a target or where you can give the weapon a set destination. All of this research concludes that Drone attacks do have set targets, but unfortunately some innocent lives are taken due to the fact of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And for those people that are still unsure about set target drones, just read this Air Force invention. Drones are revolutionizing the term warfare. WWI and WWII were both bloody man-to-man combat wars along with air fights and tank battles. This day in age is the drone warfare or another way to look at it is distance warfare. Multiple countries are using this art of war now since the U.S. introduced it. These Drones are not only used to attack. “In 2014, the Navy successfully tested autonomous swarm boats, to protect the navy ships and to swarm offensively on hostile vehicles.” (Powers 2017)

Truthful Tuesday: Drones Working to Serve and Protect

So far, all you’ve heard from us is reasons why drones are bad for society, but believe it or not, we don’t think drones are all bad. Yes, when put in the wrong hands, drones can be dangerous, but we believe that in the military, drones can be a powerful and helpful resource.military drone

Let’s face it; in the world we live in, war is inevitable. Whether it’s to protect our own nation or help fight for other nations, war happens. Thousands and thousands of soldiers get deployed to fight in these wars and we believe that drones can help make their fight just a little bit easier. Ok, no fight is easy, but drones have certainly changed the way we do war.

Back before drones, we would lose thousands of soldiers in sneak attacks. Our enemies would hide, sneak around our troops, and attack when least expected. Not anymore! In Mark Bowden’s article How the Predator Drone Changed the Character of War Bowden mentions that with the help of drones, soldiers have been able to scope territory before stepping into it. This allows for less sneak attacks and higher chances of survival for both, soldiers and civilians.

soldier droneBecause drones are equipped with quality cameras, our military is able to keep an eye on different territories without having to send a pilot out to do it. This is important for two reasons. One, now that drones do the job of the pilots, there are way less chances of air combat. Sure, our enemies can shoot our drones down, but those can be replaced. Two, drones can provide 24 hour surveillance so rather than exhausting our Air force pilots with long shifts, they can focus on other duties or at least be well rested enough for battle.
Drones are also useful in attack. Our military has learned that missiles can be attached to drones and dropped on enemy territories. In the article, Why Drones Work: The Case for Washington’s Weapon of Choice written by Daniel Byman, Byman states that U.S. drones have helped kill 3,300 members of Al Qaeda, Jihad, and other terrorist organizations under the Obama administration. Because drones are able to provide visuals of a certain area, our military can see exactly where we can and cannot attack. For example, we can avoid dropping bombs on civilians if our drones show a certain area too heavily populated with them. In the past, our military made blind attacks. They had an idea of where their missiles were going to land but now thankfully, with drones, we can see exactly who and where we’re attacking.

Now, we don’t condone war or death, but we know we live in a world where war is inevitable. If war is going to happen, we may as well do it right. Drmilitaryones are necessary for military defense i.e. scoping the land and avoiding sneak attacks, they give our soldiers a chance to focus on other duties and/or catch up on much needed rest, and they help execute safer attacks on our enemies without hurting (as many) civilians. So yes, drones can be dangerous when put in the wrong hands, but when used properly in the military, they can help a great deal.