Our Final Thoughts

Drones are amazing pieces of technology that are capable of so much. They give people the ability to see places and things without actually having to be there. They are certainly revolutionary, but can be very dangerous if placed in the wrong hands. Drone use for media purposes, recreational purposes, and even business use can possafety_largee serious security and privacy threats. Not only that, they can cause physical harm to people or things if operated by an inexperienced individual. Drone use in the military, however, are plenty useful for, both, defensive and offensive purposes. Our military is able to use drones to protect themselves from enemies and have been used to take down many members from different terrorist organizations. We don’t believe that drones are bad, but we believe that they should only be used in the hands of the professionals AKA our military. They should not be allowed to be purchased by members of the media, average Joe’s like you and I, or businesses that want to cut out human labor for convenience.

After reading all our posts on our viewpoint of drones, here is another blog that you might be able to follow along in the future if still interested in the topic. click HERE to move on to Ted.com’s blog about drones.


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