Military Will Soon Purchase Civilian Drones

The rapid flood drones into the consumer market has created a lot of competition, leading to the emergence of some very powerful, fast, and unique drones.

As technology companies fight to emerge as leaders in this industry, U.S. military leaders can’t help but gain interest.. The Military May Soon Buy The Same Drones You DoGettyImages-520635093-1


CNN Buys Six “Failsafe” Drones

With CNN being the first approved news-gathering company to use drones they want to make sure theirs are the safest so they bought 6 new “failsafe” drones from Altus Intelligence, “CNN flies over people without having to get their permission, they have the mandate of the Federal Aviation Administration so they wanted a very safe, reliable drone with risk mitigation technologies. They therefore chose ours.” – Simon Morris (Chief Operating Officer at Altus Intelligence)