Truthful Tuesday: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane! Oh Wait…It’s a Drone

As the idea of drones are becoming more and more popular in todays culture, it is easy to get excited about wanting to own your very own. What we don’t take into consideration is exactly how dangerous the recreational use of drones actually is. In the article, Rogue Drones A Growing Nuisance Across the U.S. by Craig Whitlock, Whitlock addresses various incidents that have occurred because of recreational drone use. One of the major dangers with recreational drones is the danger they pose on other commercial aircrafts. Yes, droneplanethat means helicopters and airplanes. As if people don’t already have enough to worry about when on a plane, we have to start worrying about irresponsible and/or inexperienced drone users causing visual issues for our pilots.
Drones must be registered, but there are no required classes for users to operate drones. This poses a huge threat because, really, anybody can use a drone! How terrifying is that? In his article, Craig writes about an incident involving an inexperienced drone user running his drone into a woman at a gay pride parade. The impact of the drone knocked the woman unconscious! Now, we have to worry about drones while we’re in flight as well as on the ground. In another incident, a drone outside of a bar stalked a woman in Tampa before it crashed into her car. Bam, there’s another issue – security. Since drones are so easily accessible to use recreationally and anybody can get their hands on one, recreational drones pose a huge privacy issue. An individual who is pissedseeya off or creepy enough could easily obtain a drone to spy on or stalk their victim. Granted, drones are fairly easy to spot, but being followed by a flying object without knowing who is operating it is a terrifying feeling nevertheless. Even Michael Huerta, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration has been quoted saying, “I’m definitely getting much more concerned about it” when asked to speak about the issues revolving around drones. There may only be a small percentage of people who use drones irresponsibly, but that small percentage pose enough of a threat to society to ruin it for everybody. Stricter rules need to be placed in order to regulate who can and cannot use drones. Perhaps people should be required to attend classes and acquire licenses to own and operate drones. OR we could just stop letting civilians purchase drones and leave drone operations to the experts. Why even take the chance if we don’t have to?