Drones Defeating Terrorism!

The United States Military has been using drones to attack terrorists since the Obama administration. Obama came out and even tried to explain to the people what there used for and how they operate. Just to give some assurance to the people that think Drones are unjust to use. 487934.jpegIn fact I found this article, “10 Reasons the U.S should stop using drones in warfare.”

Why would the United States do that anyway? It gives us an advantage against any country that threatens us. It also forces humans to stay back and push an Unmanned aircraft into enemy territory to get surveillance or whatever. In the article one of the reasons mentions that these drone attack do not have a set target. That is FALSE. Senior officials of the Obama administration announced that these drone strikes are, Precise, Effective, and Closely Supervised. Yes there are some attacks that kill innocent lives, but people need to stop living behind the curtains because war brings innocent people to die unfortunately. Another successful drone attack that precisely killed 3 Al Qaeda leaders, which actually struck their moving vehicle. You can read more at “Most successful drone strike ever”. Now if drones didn’t have set targets how did this attack happen so precise? My guess is that it was locked on to the target so the chance of a miss is near impossible. Further research confirms that U.S. drones have killed an estimated 3,300 Al Qaeda, Taliban, and other Jihadist operatives during the Obama Administration. Don’t you think if we have the technology to fly unmanned aircrafts that we will be able to set a target for a missile? You’re absolutely right. PRESIDENT-1.jpgThe U.S. already has plenty of these types of weapons that can either lock onto a target or where you can give the weapon a set destination. All of this research concludes that Drone attacks do have set targets, but unfortunately some innocent lives are taken due to the fact of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And for those people that are still unsure about set target drones, just read this Air Force invention. Drones are revolutionizing the term warfare. WWI and WWII were both bloody man-to-man combat wars along with air fights and tank battles. This day in age is the drone warfare or another way to look at it is distance warfare. Multiple countries are using this art of war now since the U.S. introduced it. These Drones are not only used to attack. “In 2014, the Navy successfully tested autonomous swarm boats, to protect the navy ships and to swarm offensively on hostile vehicles.” (Powers 2017)